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Result #41
Revenge Impossibleby  Nathan Ayer
A teenage boy witness the brutal murder of his parents by four powerful men,and vows that when he is older he will exact revenge on them.

15 pages
Posted: 27 Jul 2017
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Result #42
The Waves of Uncertaintyby  Divia Kannan
While in search of answers to his past, a Climate Scientist tries to change the fate of an uncertain planet.

15 pages
Posted: 18 Jul 2017
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Result #43
Giantsby  Sergey Shavel
The legend of Atlantis. The Chronicle of a great battle between the Atlantis and the Two-faced ones for power and throne of an unconquerable Empire. Goran is the heir of Atlantis. He has to find a way to get what's rightfully his. But it is not easily done, when you are left alone. He is to face a mortal combat for his Empire, for his people and his home.

2 pages
Posted: 13 Jul 2017
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Result #44
Game Of Deathby  NG
USA/China. A rich man kidnaps a martial art expert's family and forces him to fight in a dangerous game in order to avenge his son killed by the same man.

36 pages
Posted: 26 Jun 2017
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Result #45
Angel With A Bulletby  Peter Jang
Romeo gave up years of his life to an undercover DEA assignment aiming to bring down the El Serpiente cartel. Now he has finished building his case and is ready to be extracted, but a sudden betrayal destroys everything he has worked for and he must fight his way out.

16 pages
Posted: 22 May 2017
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Result #46
The Waves of Uncertaintyby  Divia Kannan
Genre: Drama/Action While in search of answers to his past, a Climate Scientist tries to change the fate of an uncertain planet.

15 pages
Posted: 05 May 2017
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Result #47
Take A Chanceby  Sandra Bolton
The winner of a raffle struggles when she finds herself in a remote dungeon-like retreat with strange company.

14 pages
Posted: 20 Mar 2017
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Result #48
The Park Rangerby  Jason K. Allen
It's Dave's first day as a park ranger, and he's super excited to defend Mother Nature. Unfortunately he's a bit harsh as he confronts an innocent birdwatcher, a wayward hacky sack player and a pair of tree huggers. (Comic adventure. 1 location. See IMDB for my credits.)

10 pages
Posted: 20 Feb 2017
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Result #49
Cloak and Daggerby  Patrick Gatov
Federal agents track an unknown national security threat through a series of surveillance footage anomalies.

10 pages
Posted: 13 Feb 2017
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Result #50
Unable to pay a ransom demanded by his wife's kidnapper within 24, a man decides to set her free on his own.

15 pages
Posted: 09 Feb 2017
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Result #51
Forest of a thousand Daemonsby  Taju Omolaran
An adaption of a classic African novel in which Akara-Ogun, the son of a hunter and a witch, embarks on a dangerous journey with other brave hunters at the request of their village king.

43 pages
Posted: 15 Jan 2017
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Result #52
Saving Bethby  NG
In a last attempt to save her dying daughter, a small town waitress turns to crime with the help of a nefarious friend.

40 pages
Posted: 02 Jan 2017
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Result #53
Anton: Blind Man's Fistsby  NG
A boxing champion loses his eyesight after a tragic car accident, but he still wants to fight on the ring.

30 pages
Posted: 12 Dec 2016
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Result #54
The Lions Racingby  NG
A group of prisoners are selected to fight at the Lions Racing a dangerous motorbike fighting on a dangerous field.

40 pages
Posted: 02 Dec 2016
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Result #55
Just an Accidentby  Mark Ndlovu
After accidentally killing a young woman while hunting and then impulsively injuring an equally to blame young man who witnesses the incident, an every man is torn between burying his mistake and getting home for dinner on time, or dealing with the consequences.

8 pages
Posted: 20 Nov 2016
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Result #56
Brownstone Watchby  Davin Affrunti
Three upper-crust chums make an inebriated pact to form a masked vigilante squad when the stock market implosion plagues their affluent NYC neighborhood with unemployment and a downward spiral of crime.

14 pages
Posted: 24 Aug 2016
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Result #57
Yeti Confettiby  Harry Mudaliar
In this short film script, pop band MAGIC BALLOON discovers that an audition at a remote manor house is not what it seems when an eccentric, rather hirsute family shows unwanted culinary interest in the group. ***COMPLETED STORYBOARD and CHARACTER SKETCHES available upon request!!

16 pages
Posted: 19 Aug 2016
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Result #58
Rightsby  Michael
An old-line Croatian Mafia crime family teach certain cultural manners to a newly-recruited returning US war veteran resistant to the family business.

15 pages
Posted: 04 Aug 2016
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Result #59
Guns & Vengeanceby  NG
Female Lead Action/Thriller. An ex commando and transporter recently released from prison has to fight her past and her present's enemies to get her freedom with the help of her strength and guns.

30 pages
Posted: 04 Jul 2016
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Result #60
A young orphan girl meets a Kung Fu Master and becomes the heroin of a woman-forbidden Gladiator fighting tournament.

30 pages
Posted: 27 Jun 2016
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Result #61
The Time Fighterby  NG
An ex marine and martial art instructor enters a dangerous time traveling fighting tournament in order to get a cure in the future to save his dying daughter. But he finds himself trapped in a pitiless revolution where the rebellion sees him as the elected who will free them.

30 pages
Posted: 19 Jun 2016
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Result #62
Webster & The Dragon: Tale Of A Dragon Fatherby  NG
Treatment available. Fantasy/Adventure. Webster, a thirteen years old boy, has to go through obstacles to save his father changed into a dragon by a curse.

6 pages
Posted: 15 Jun 2016
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Result #63
Kshitijby  Pooja Gupta
Kshitij is a 12year old elusive boy who aspires to be a magician. His parents are tired with his illogical pursuit and bunking school send him to this Orwellian nationalist school in Nagpur which is governed by the teachers who believe in ‘unity without individuality’. Kshitij has a choice, to succumb to the society or to escape to pursue his passion, what will the faith unfold for this wanderer?

20 pages
Posted: 09 Jun 2016
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Result #64
Mr. Timeby  Mark Renshaw
A university student carries out an online social media experiment to find evidence of Time Travellers. Her investigation leads to a friendly old gentleman who confesses he travels though time via a wormhole under his kitchen sink and invites her to try it out for herself. Travelling back to the year 1928, she meets her idol; Charlie Chaplin. Events take a perilous turn when she takes a picture of him with her smartphone.

21 pages
Posted: 05 Jun 2016
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Result #65
The Avengers' Tapesby  NG
Found footage. Action/thriller. Two stories of vengeance. We follow two different avengers of two different stories who fight pitiless antagonists.

30 pages
Posted: 01 Jun 2016
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